WAZIRABAD : Four persons died of electric shocks from an electric water motor while trying to save each other during seven-hour-long heavy rain in village Khosar Baryar, some 12km from here on Saturday. According to Rescue 1122 and police, an electric motor was installed at the Dera of Irshad Cheema in a 7x4 feet trench for irrigation purpose. The motor allegedly got heavily moisturised due heavy rain for constant 7 hours. Ameer Hamza, 19, son of Irshad Cheema went down to fetch something from near the motor.  As soon as, he touched the motor he sustained severe electric shocks. Hearing to alarms being raised by Hamza, a farm worker 36-year-old Liaqat, son of Ghulam Muhammad rushed for his rescue but he was also caught by electric shocks.  Liaqat’s two nephews -Saleem and Abbas, sons of Muhammad Ameen - also rushed towards them to help but they were also electrocuted.  After two hours, some relatives went towards the motor where they all the four were lying move-less. They rescued them using strings and took them to THQ Hospital Wazirabad but they had already succumbed to electric shocks.  Doctor pronounced them dead and dead bodies were handed over to the families after post-mortem. The police have also launched investigation into the incident.