LAHORE-The recent campaign by Nabila’s Salon has been trolled by the public on social media for darkening the skin tone of model Zara Abid.

TabeshKhoja styled the shoot and Nabila herself provided hair and makeup services. People on social media are trolling Nabila for promoting blackface.

However, Nabila and Zara took to social media to defend their recent campaign, calling the backlash bizarre.

“It doesn’t matter if you are black white or in between. I’m amazed at the backlash. A stylist has received for using a dark model, and enhancing her skin tone,” Nabila wrote on Instagram. “He is being bashed for doing a beautiful and artistic shoot with gold jewellery on dark skin. Why do the trolls have to equate being dark with African? Have they not seen how dark and gorgeous the South Asian women are?”

Nabila further added, “Why they are not represented or celebrated? Why do we still believe white is supreme? When will we shed our colonialist mindset? The world is becoming a melting pot.”

Model Zara Abid also took this issue on Instagram and wrote: “I’m the first hand victim of discrimination and colourism that exists in the society.The pictures shared of the shoot that have been circulating have been misconstrued and manipulated by the social media users who are often too quick to jump to conclusions.”

She added the shoot did enhance her colour because she wanted to empower her darker skin. “There is a lack of representation among our dark skinned girls. Why? Because people want to see fair faces donning products as there is a longstanding and deeply-seated colonial insecurity that has always been a part of our society.”

Zara concluded the note, saying: “Why didn’t people stand up when I was portrayed as a lighter skin tone and are only enraged when I’m trying to represent the darker side of my population?” the model queried. “It’s high time we stop shaming dark skin and embrace it with open hearts and mind.”