LAHORE - Referring to the report of directions for removal of air conditioner from Nawaz Sharif’s cell at Kot Lakhpat Jail, Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif has approached Punjab chief secretary with the request to intervene to avoid any damage to the health of three times prime minister.

In a letter addressed to the CS with copies to Chief Justice of Pakistan, CJ Lahore High Court, Additional CS Home and IG Prisons, the PML-N president warned the government about the consequences of removing air conditioner from the cell of PML-N supreme leader.

Citing report of an English Daily that referred to a letter to IG Prisons on July 17, he stated “the letter coerces the said officer to remove the facility of air conditioning from Nawaz Sharif’s cell.

May I remind you of the report of the Medical Board constituted by Punjab Government, which in its first recommendation asked for comfortable room temperature to prevent dehydration and possible deterioration of renal function”.

Shahbaz said he was appalled at the callousness shown by the home department for ignoring the pivotal point in the board’s recommendations and the dangers it would cause to Nawaz Sharif’s precarious health. “This is blatant attempt on his life shrouded in procedural vagueness reeks of political vendetta as the letter cites the prime minister’s wishes as the motive of the said correspondence,” he wrote.

“I assure you in definitive words that removal of air conditioner from Nawaz Sharif’s cell will be a violation of the medical board’s recommendations and adversely affect his already fragile health,” he warned while requesting the recommendations of Medical Board should be followed in letter and spirit and no political pressure be allowed to contravene the rights of the three-time prime minister of Pakistan.

“I have no doubt that you truly understand the consequences any deliberate damage to his health shall bear,” the letter reads.



Shehbaz Sharif has condemned the cross border terrorism in South Waziristan on patrolling soldiers that led to martyrdom of six of them and the terrorist attack in Balochistan in which four soldiers were martyred.

In a statement Shehbaz expressed shock and awe over the incident and said the armed forces of Pakistan had given innumerable sacrifices for the protection of the country and its people.

Shehbaz urged the Afghanistan government to get a grip on its affairs to stop such attacks on Pakistan’s forces. Shehbaz prayed for the martyred souls and for their families to be able to bear this loss.