KAMALIA - It has been observed in a recent public poll that Land Record Centre, Kamalia lacks a permanent in charge. Currently, the in charge of Land Record Centre Pir Mahal has the additional charge of Land Record Centre, Kamalia. Reportedly, Kamalia tehsil has a large area due to which applicants gather in a large number through the week at the Land Record Centre, but there is no permanent in charge posted here. In charge Land Record Centre Pir Mahal Imran Afzal has been given the additional charge of Kamalia centre for first three days of the week and the rest of the week at Pir Mahal centre. It has been observed that he misses out on his duties at Kamalia centre most of the weeks and stays at Pir Mahal centre only. Citizens have complained that all work at Land Record Centre has stopped which is causing problems for the applicants. Citizens protested that server computer at Land Record Centre, Kamalia was non-functional the other day due to the absence of the in charge. Citizens have demanded from DG Punjab Land Authority and DC Toba Tek Singh to appoint a permanent in charge at the Land Record Centre Kamalia so that the applicants’ problems could be solved.