ISLAMABAD - A 15-day long “Islamabad Art Fest 2019” (IAF-19) would be organized by Pakistan National Council of the Arts and Hunerkada College of Visual and Performing Art, lead consortium of institutions committed to the promotion and propagation of art and culture in October here in federal capital. Shows including performances, installations, videos, exhibitions, screenings, workshops, talks and seminars will take place in and around Islamabad and tours to all focal areas will be arranged.

A series of workshops, talks and seminars as integral part of IAF-19 to document, preserve and promote a cross cultural and artistic dialogue.

A series of cultural shows, musical concerts and traditional dances performances would be arranged during two weeks cultural event.

A book based on the IAF-19 experience and catalogues will be launched and distributed. A feature length documentary narrating the story of the IAF-19 from inception till the end of the project along with short films and videos will be among the creative products to share with people and institutions. The contemporary art scene in Pakistan is generally mindful of this rich and highly diversified cultural resource which distinguishes it in South Asia hence leading to an international recognition and acknowledgement over the last three decades.

While appreciating this accomplishment, we must build upon the valuable contributions of our artists and launch a local platform that is cognizant of indigenous this cultural resource and blessed with a future vision to become a catalyst in bridging the gap between the potent Pakistani art and its deserved realization internationally.