LAHORE - Sara Bhatti made a phenomenal comeback with her power-packed performance in Dawar Mehmood and Anwar Maqsood’s theatre play Naachna Jaane - a prequel to Aangan Terha (the hit TV series from the 1980s).

 Her strong stage presence left the viewers in awe and going by the social media reactions it’s quite evident to note that the people are impressed by her performance and want to see her more.

Bhatti took on the role played by Bushra Ansari in the original TV play and with her effortless acting made her presence mark.

The question remains how challenging was it for her in stepping into the legendary artist’s shoes? She opined, “Learning the language, the mannerism and acting out the age of someone who is so vastly unlike you are challenges for any actor. My character is an Urdu speaking, 40 year old married woman with no children. The character couldn’t be more different than me. The age, the family, environment, everything is in stark contrast to mine. Not only did I have to master the Urdu language but the mannerism and expressions of someone coming from her background and age as well,” she added, “Bushra Ansari performed the character at my age. She was also young and she was also new at that time. I have always looked up to her. She’s an amazing actress and an inspiration.”

When asked how she was approached for the role, the artiste revealed that Yasir Hussain in a gathering at a mutual friend told her a little about the character and said that she would be the perfect fit for the character.

“I don’t know if I was perfect for it then, but after immense hard work it’s heartening to see people loving my performance.”

The artiste expressed her satisfaction on her brilliant on screen chemistry with Hussain. “I learnt a lot from him both on and off stage.”

Bhatti said that she is humbled to see praises all across the board and disclosed that her fans should be rest assured that they will be soon seeing her in TV dramas and other mediums of performing arts.

“As an artist, any medium that helps me express myself is a blessing. Theatre, screen acting, painting, writing, directing, you will be seeing me doing all these things in the future. Most of them I’m already doing,” she said.

The rising performer called theater, ‘an actor’s medium’, as she believes that with no cuts and retakes it’s a place where the artiste finds a space to show what he/she is capable of. “It’s absolutely mind blowing. Once you’re on stage you’re in your own,” she added.

Sara said that with Pakistani cinema finally producing quality content, she is now open to the idea of doing films given she is offered quality script and a substantive role.

“Film is how I started my acting. The camera has and will always be my first love. It’s also where I am most comfortable, I am happy when my expression is felt and understood by the viewer,” she said.

Bhatti has studied screen acting at the Pinewood Studios, London, and has also worked in an Indian film. She was recently seen in a telefilm and a drama play. Reports suggest that she is currently in talks for a film.

The actress said that she will soon launch her online channel in coming days. “It’s an exciting project. My fans will get to see a number of aspects of my life in a very fun and lively production.”