Islamabad (PR) - Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) on Friday arranged a seminar on promotion of mother language as a tool to safeguard national identity. Eminent scholar, author of many book on languages, Dr Tariq Rahim who was a key-speaker at seminar highlighted the importance of mother language, especially its impact in power politics.

He explained how various nations progressed and dominated power of politics through language.  Language, he said always served as identity symbol.

Dr Tariq Rahman presently Dean, School of Education at the Beacon house National University, Lahore said the language also contributed a lot in ethics politics, and it was also closely connected with nationalism.      

In country like Pakistan, he said mother language was the best medium of instruction.  He also spoke about the impact of language in gaining power.

Various rulers and foreign occupants used language tool to control the life of the people.  He highlighted the rationality in learning language for seeking due place in the society.

In his welcome remarks, Vice Chancellor, Prof Dr Shahid Siddiqui appreciated the scholarly contribution of Dr Tariq in promoting mother language in Pakistan. The language, he said had a vital role in promoting ideas, belief and thoughts.

It had great impact in power politics.

Various foreign powers promoted their hegemony by exploiting language tools, he added.

Dr Abdul Hafeez, Chairman English department of the University also praised the intellectual work of the guest speaker in field of language.