Lahore - A meeting of the Board of Directors of The Bank of Punjab was held on March 27, 2015. During the meeting, audited Financial Statements of the Bank for the year ended December 31, 2014 were approved by the Board.

During the year 2014, Net Interest Margin (NIM) of the Bank improved significantly to Rs. 9.0 billion as against Rs. 4.0 billion during last year thereby reflecting a hefty growth of 125%.  Accordingly, before tax profit increased to Rs. 4.3 billion as against Rs. 3.0 billion for the year 2013 registering a commendable growth of 43%.  The Earning per share (EPS) for the year 2014 remained at Rs. 1.94. The Deposits of the Bank stood at the level of Rs. 342 billion as against Rs. 307 billion last year, thereby showing a rise of 11%.  The advances and investments stood at Rs. 170 billion and Rs. 155 billion, respectively. Bank’s Total Assets as on December 31, 2014 stood at Rs. 420 billion as against Rs. 353 billion as on December 31, 2013.

During the year 2014, the Bank opened 30 new branches and now has a network of 364 online branches across the country.

Further, the Bank is offering a range of Shariah Compliant products and services to its clients through a network of 37 branches.