MULTAN - Former Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) president Makhdoom Javed Hashmi on Friday demanded the government constitute a three-member judicial tribunal, led by Supreme Court chief justice to investigate the alleged telephonic talk of Imran khan and Arif Alvi regarding the attack on the PTV building in Islamabad.

Addressing a press conference here at his residence, he said: “Though Imran Khan talked about heading towards the Parliament and PTV buildings in my presence, the issue should be probed by the judicial commission. The investigations will reveal the facts and the perpetrators of the attack will be punished.” He averred the phone tape maligned the army and intelligence agencies as the blame of anything was abruptly put on ISI whenever any incident took place in the country. He said the investigations by the proposed tribunal would make clarify what was going on in the country and how the institutions were being defamed.

Hashmi claimed he had also heard the phone tape on TV channels, but he did not say anything about it as Imran Khan kept talking about heading towards Parliament and PTV buildings in his presence. “I kept opposing this move,” he claimed. He said many others, including Jahangir Tareen, Shah Mahmood and Shireen Mazari, also heard Imran Khan uttering these words.

Hashmi said a message that MQM would support PTI was also received at the container and Imran Khan kept waiting for Altaf Hussain’s phone, but he did not call. He said: “It was also discussed at the container that Asif Ali Zardari will support the sit in, but my viewpoint was clear that the honour of national institutions, especially the army, must be kept intact. Whatever is being shown on TV screens today is parody of what I have said earlier. Arif Alvi’s phone call is a good parody.”

The veteran politician disclosed the army chief had also given guarantee to Imran Khan regarding establishment of a judicial commission. Raheel Sharif e had also given Imran the assurance that resignation would be sought from Nawaz Sharif if rigging charges were established. “But I was not in favour of engaging the army in political issues, so I launched a drive within the party. I requested Imran Khan not to move forward, but he announced he will advance even if he is left alone,” Hashmi further disclosed.

To a query, Hashmi said: “Once Gen Pasha asked me on telephone if I gave any statement against him. I said I praised him.” He said Hameed Gull had told 20 to 25 people that it was the last night of the government, but later, he gave some other explanations of his statement.

Hashmi was of the view that Pakistan should stay away from the current Saudi Arabia-Yemen conflict as the Pak Army was busy in action against terrorists in the country.