LAHORE - Warning that interference in Yemen’s conflict will fan sectarianism in Pakistan, PTI Chairman Imran Khan asked the government to play a role in bringing Saudi Arabia and Iran closer, instead of becoming a party to a clash between two Muslim states.

Talking to reporters after the launch of PTI Business Club at a local hotel on Friday, Imran said, “We are already paying a heavy price for fighting the US war in the name of Afghan jihad and then getting involved in another conflict in Afghanistan. Interference in Yemen’s conflict at the behest of the US will fan sectarianism and trigger the deadliest form of terrorism in Pakistan.”

The PTI chief asked the prime minister why he didn’t take into confidence the parliament and the nation about involving the country in Yemen’s conflict by facilitating the Saudi security forces.

He warned the rulers against pushing the country into an unlimited war which could start as a result of supporting Saudi security forces and a US-dictated conflict in Yemen.

He also warned the Muslim nations across the globe, the US and its allies to avoid fanning anarchy in the Islamic states to create divisions among them in a bid to accomplish their nefarious designs.

Imran, giving another warning to the government, said PTI would take to the streets if the rulers made any bid to change the memorandum of understanding (MoU) on the judicial commission agreed by the two sides.

He added the PTI and the government teams had been in contact for the last three months over the issue of the judicial commission and both the sides resolved the matter, but the PTI leadership got some reports that the ruling party wanted to make changes in the MoU on the proposed judicial commission. “I warn the prime minister and the federal finance minister not to change the MoU otherwise the PTI would take to the streets.

When asked about a telephonic conversation of Arif Alvi with him regarding attack on PTV, Imran, instead of giving a direct answer, questioned the government who committed the crime of taping the telephonic conversation of two political leaders. It was a crime to tap phones of citizens of the state,” he added.

Senior party leader Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar, the founder of PTI Business Club, claimed business community of the country was behind Imran Khan and PTI.

He further claimed PTI, if voted to power, would rid the country of corruption in all forms and create environment conducive to promotion of business activity.