ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court Friday directed the National Accountability Bureau to submit a report on the pending inquiries, investigation and the references filed against its officials.

A three-member bench headed by Justice Jawwad S Khawaja was hearing various applications against the NAB officials.

The court directed that the report shall also explain the inordinate delay in the process for taking action. In addition, the particulars shall also furnish the statistical data of quantitative and qualitative data of NAB delinquent officers since 2010. The court observed that the thana culture has permeated in the NAB as the people go and file complaint in the NAB offices, but no action has been taken against its functionaries. Azam Khan, Deputy Prosecutor General, NAB, submitted the report about the mal-administration within the NAB. The court, however, declared it unsatisfactory. The court observed that the NAB functionaries are delinquent to perform their duties. In one case seven NAB functionaries were dealt with but that had happen when the Supreme Court took notice. “We have noted that within NAB no effective measures have been taken to check the abuse of authority,” the bench said. The court noted that only window dressing is done, as the report only states that in 2014 a conference of senior NAB functionaries was held and the SOP was drawn.

Justice Jawwad stated that they had passed an order on 14th January 2015 whereby the NAB was directed to submit report but it was not complied. The SC office, therefore, issued notice to NAB but that fell on deaf ears. When third time the notice was issued that the NAB was violating Supreme Court orders its Deputy Prosecutor General Azam Khan appeared and stated he has no good explanation why the apex court’s orders were not implemented.

Justice Jawwad asked the DPG whether the NAB wanted that the Supreme Court become your back office and point out that the NAB has to do so and so things. The judge said it’s better the NAB chairman be issued notice to explain the reason for non-compliance of court orders.

The bench stated the court was informed that there are people in the NAB who are dishonest, corrupt and ineligible.

 Many persons have taken foreign exchange out of the country in their bags what if Ayan Ali is arrested at the airport.

Azam Khan informed that the measures have been taken to curtail the abuse of authority by NAB officials, improve the quality of work by involving the law officers with the investigation officers. He informed that the chairman had ordered the officers to clear the backlog by June 2015, and any officer fails to clear the backlog by that time then action would be taken against him. He further informed that filing of reference with the approval of chairman is 10 months time, while the inquiry should finish in four months. Justice Jawwad questioned what would happen if a director, additional director or DG of NAB is found involved in corrupt practices. He said in the past some mistakes took place in the NAB that made crystal clear that the Bureau functions were not in order. The court observed that in 90 per cent cases show that people in NAB were involved in the malpractices.

The hearing was adjourned till 2nd April.