LAHORE-The superstar Faysal Quraishi reiterated that given the rising inflation and less economic opportunities to the poor in the country more philanthropic endeavors have become the need of the hour.

“The rich have to take responsibility. Period. There is no other way. If the state Is unable to feed the poor or provide them the opportunity for poverty alleviation it doesn’t mean that we just leave huge strata stranded and say that It’s not our concern,” said Quraishi while hosting his over an hour-long interactive Ramadan transmission, ‘Salaam Zindagi’ on ARY Zindagi.

The actor, producer and host, already known for his philanthropic work continues to highlight social and humanitarian issues through his Ramadan show. The show has a mass following and is credited for making a huge impact within the society. Quraishi requested his audience to a resolution this Ramadan by pledging to be more empathetic, charitable and considerate to the people around. He said that even though we’re living in economically challenging times, this doesn’t mean that the society should fail in contributing and helping out the underprivileged and.

The Salam Zindagi host contrary to the clichéd style of hosting continues to highlight and propagate important issues that are not otherwise given the spotlight. Most of the highlighted issues pertain to the everyday problems in the life of a common man or the collective civic responsibilities required for one to be a good citizen.

Quraishi has previously touched upon and discussed subjects like ‘Social Media Bullying’, ‘Road Rage’ (often seen during Ramadan), ‘Rights of Minorities’, ‘Gender Equality’ and ‘Tree Plantation’ to name a few. As seen in various episodes, the superstar usuallyholdsdiscussions about these societal issues with celebrities and human rights activists. “The point of discussing issues with the celebrities is to make the voice more impactful. You know when a viewer sees his favorite artists strongly advocating him/her to do or even no do something its highly likely that people would not only hear him with all seriousness but may also at least try to act on the words.”

As Quraishi points out, Pakistanis are among one of the most charitable nations globally and it must be appreciated. However, in the bigger picture it’s quite evident that more needs to be done as there is a huge section with limited means of resources looking at the privileged for help. “We can’t turn a blind eye, this is not what our religion or our culture tells us. Our consciousness should keep all of us aware that more needs to be done,” he adds.

Keeping his Ramadan show simple, Faysal Quraishi encourages people to fulfill Huqooq-ul-Ebad (Rights of the people) along with Huqooq-ul-Allah (Rights of Almighty). Talking about what he enjoys the most about his show, the actor says, “my favorite segment that we’ve kept consistent on the show for some time now is called ‘InsaanBaniye’. In this segment, we talk about how little actions can make a big impact and the overall response has been great so far.”