A NEW ‘cocoon bed’ lets slumberers enjoy a good night’s sleep suspended between trees like a butterfly before it emerges from its chrysalis.

These images show the just-released Cocoon Tree hovering between trees thanks to a system of suspension wires. It is the brainchild of Frenchman Berni Du Payrat, who says he was inspired to create it after looking at an ostrich egg, and costs between £3,000 and £9,000.

The Cocoon Bed is made of aluminium and weighs only 130 pounds. It is rigged up with ropes and secured by nets and can hold the weight of up to a tonne. A large mattress and a custom made duvet can be placed inside it, accommodating two people, or even a couple with small children. Berni said: ‘It is just great to sleep in a cocoon. It’s very romantic if you want to spend time with a partner. ‘                   –MOL