Rawalpindi: Supermodel Ayyan Ali today once again failed to get her passports due to absence of customs court judge Rana Aftab.

The super model reached the court on time, but faced disappointment as she was informed that the concerning judge was on leave. The duty judge also refused to accept the surety bonds of Ayyan Ali and stated that the model could only get her passports from trial court.

Earlier on Wednesday, customs court announced verdict of the plea for passport return in favor of Ayyan. The court while directing the custom officials to return the passport ordered Ayyan to submit two surety bonds worth Rs1 million along with personal guarantee.

Detailed verdict stated that decision of currency smuggling case can take some time however, Ayyan could not be deprived of her passport for a long time as the Constitution has given the right of travelling to every citizen. The model pleaded not guilty after she was indicted in the currency smuggling case on November 20.

She has been the focus of media’s attention since March when authorities, working on a tip, nabbed her at the VIP lounge of Benazir Bhutto International Airport in money laundering case. Under Pakistani laws, no one can carry over $10,000 on a flight, but authorities found $506,800 tucked in her luggage.