MANDI BAHAUDDIN-Nuisance of encroachment in Mandi Bahauddin city continues to irk citizens. Promises made by Municipal Committee Chairman and other members to make Mandi Bahauddin a model city remain unfulfilled. In fact, the traders and other encroachers have backing of local politicians. Vote is the main factor that makes politicians to interfere and stop administration from removing encroachments from bazaars and roads. Handcarts and stalls are placed on each side and at the centre of bazaars, leaving a very narrow passage for customers and vehicles. Even the footpaths are occupied by shopkeepers for displaying their hosiery and other items. Some bazaars are used by carpenters and blacksmiths as workshops to manufacture doors and windows for houses. Wooden and iron material is placed in bazaars where artisans work.

Citizens have urged the administration to clear bazaars from encroachments for convenient movement of customers and vehicular traffic. They have also called upon politicians to stop interfering with functioning of local administration for their vested interests.