LAHORE - “Lahore is a wonderful place with hospitable and loving people, rich cultural heritage and delicious food. I will love to come time and again,” says Dr Dina Shrestha, president of Diabetes and Endocrine Association of Nepal.

The leading endocrinologist from Nepal is in Lahore these days to attend the 15th Annual (Pakistan Endocrine Society-South Asia Federation of Endocrine Societies) PES-SAFES Summit 2017 titled “Together for Endocrinology”.

During an informal talk with The Nation on the concluding day of the summit, the Kathmandu-based consultant shared feelings of her maiden visit, interaction with local people, visits to important places and food.

“There were some concerns about security situation in Pakistan. These were not enough for me to miss the opportunity of coming to Lahore known as Food Paradise. This perception proved true. Interaction with cultured, loving and caring people was a wonderful experience. We believe that Nepalese are most friendly people on the globe as they always welcome others with a smile. But people here have outdone us. I enjoyed talking to people having lot of information and wonderful ideas. I enjoyed tasty Pakistani food,” said leader of the delegation from Nepal, who also holds office of vice president of SAFES.

Dispelling the impression of serious security threats, she said there was no such thing till the last day when organisers “stopped us from going out due to protests and resultant blockade of main roads”.

“I visited different parts of Lahore without any fear. Life was quite normal here,” she said. She, however, pointed out organisers advised staying in the hotel due to security situation in the wake of protests on key points in Lahore.

“With the exception of last day, the situation was quite normal outside. Hopefully, I will not encounter such things when I will be here in future. People are loving and caring. I will love to come back again and again,” the Nepalese said with a smiling face. She was all praise for organisers for arranging such a big event successfully.

“It was a wonderful experience. I learned a lot during interaction with senior colleagues from Pakistan and other countries in the region,” she said.