ISLAMABAD - The Accountability Court has reserved its judgement on whether the National Accountability Bureau’s prosecution team or the defence counsel will make the final arguments in the Al-Azizia Reference.

Judge Accountability Court Arshad Malik presided over hearing on Al-Azizia and Flagship references and former prime minister Nawaz Sharif appeared in the Accountability Court personally to attend the court’s proceedings on these two references. Former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was also present in the court to express solidarity with Nawaz Sharif.

During the hearing, Prosecutor in Al-Azizia Reference Wasiq Malik informed the court that Nawaz Sharif had presented some documents in his defence. In accordance with the law, he said, the defence should continue his conclusive arguments. However, he said it should be made clear what is the motive behind presenting these documents?

On which Khawaja Harris said that these documents are not presented in someone’s defence. He pointed out that the documents comprised the Supreme Court’s order sheet and our petitions filed in the apex court.

Judge Accountability Court Arshad Malik remarked that Defence Counsel Khawaja Harris has made it clear that these documents were not presented in someone defence and there is no need to further clarify it.

On which, Prosecutor Wasiq Malik prayed the court to issue reasonable order in this connection.

Later, on cross-questioning of Khawaja Harris with Investigative Officer in the Flagship Reference, the IO informed the court that in the Land Registry Department London, any fresh documents were not presented regarding properties of Hassan Nawaz.  While seeking documents, the Land Registry Department had informed to mention date of October 31, 2007 to get historical record about property of Hassan Nawaz, he added.

On which Khawaja Harris questioned the IO that the documents in his possession were not available in the Land Registry Department, London. The Investigative Officer replied that the documents were available but they were not fresh.

He said an application was moved to the Department to get the latest historical addition. In response to the application, he got a copy of historical addition. He also added that Land Registry Department replied on information available on the ground.

The Defence Council said that the question is what is the information about Oct.31, 2007 date?

The Investigative Officer said that he had asked the Land Registry Department about status of present ownership, adding when he got the historical copy, date of October 31 was also mentioned on it. As per application, this property was associated with Flagship Investment Company and one of the companies was owned by Hassan Nawaz.

Later the court adjourned hearing for Wednesday, (November 28) and Defence Counsel Khawaja Harris will keep continue his cross-questioning with Investigative Officer on Wednesday’s hearing as well.