LOS ANGELES-Ashley Graham got star-struck when she met Jennifer Lopez. The 31-year-old model stayed up late just to meet the ‘On the Floor’ hitmaker after one of her last concerts and she even ‘’broke a cardinal rule’’ when she caught a glimpse of her pop idol sitting with her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez.

She told talk show host Ellen Degeneres: ‘’Of course, I went to the after party, I wanted to meet her oh-so badly. So I waited up really late because I’m not a night person, I’m a morning girl, but I was like, ‘I’m gonna meet JLo’, and I broke a cardinal rule.

‘’I don’t like it when people come up to me when I’m eating, and I don’t want to go up to a celebrity when they’re eating, but she was eating and it was late and I needed to go.

‘’So I went up and sat next to her while she was eating next to A-Rod, and I just said, ‘Hi, I’m Ashley Graham, it’s so nice to meet you. Thank you so much for having me tonight.’ And she goes, ‘Oh hi it’s nice to meet you.’ ‘’

And Ashley quickly went from being worried about bothering the ‘Shades of Blue’ actress to bombarding her with requests.

She continued: ‘’And I say, ‘First of all, I have a podcast, it’s called Pretty Big Deal and actually Kim Kardashian was just on it, and we were talking about you and how you’ve just been body goals for us, you know I’m a curvy girl, you’re a curvy girl, she’s a curvy girl, so hi, would you like to be on it? Oh, can we take a selfie.’ Then click click click.

‘’And she’s like, ‘Just have fun, have fun tonight.’ And I’m like, ‘I’m gonna. Thank you.’ ‘’