Islamabad - The Cabinet Committee on Energy (CCoE) will today (Wednesday) discuss the Re-gasified Liquefied Natural Gas (RLNG) demand for the next 12 months and financial loss of billions of rupees caused to the national exchequer on account of demurrages.

The meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Energy (CCoE) to be chaired by the Federal Minister for Petroleum Ghulam Sarwar Khan will discuss 10 point agenda pertaining to the LNG, detailes of generation plants, comparison of energy cost fuel and SNGPL contract with PLL.

According the agenda of the meeting available with The Nation the power division and petroleum division will both brief the committee about the agenda items.

According the agenda the Power division will brief the CCoE about the merit dispatch order along with basis of priority(if any) of certain power plants, plant-wise generation cost in Rs per KWh separately for Energy components, capacity charges and O&M and reasons for using/preferring import fuel instead RLNG. Similarly the CCoE will be briefed about the plant wise detail of installed capcacity, current derated capacity, effiency, availability factor during 2017-18, comparison of energy cost on various fuels forward plan to ensure full utilization of RLNG keeping in view the firm off take commitments with international suppliers and monthly-wise demand of RLNG for coming 12 months.

The power division will also brief the CCOE about the reduce off-take by the power division against the commitment made by secretary Power division for the months of November-January.

The petroleum division will brief  the meeting regarding the contractual arrangement of Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) with PLL for LNG as currently no such arrangements are in place.

The petroleum division will also brief the committee about the financial loss caused by the demurrages to the national exchequer.An officials of the Pakistan State Oil (PSO) while briefing the senate standing committee had said that the company had paid $68.7 million (Rs 9 billion) in the last five years as fine in the shape of demurrages for delayed offloading of the POL products from vessels in ports. It was further informed that in financial year 2017-18, PSO paid $20.4 million as demurrages while the whole industry consisting of private oil marketing companies also paid $30 million. The main reason for the demurrages is the lack of infrastructure on Pakistan’s ports.