MULTAN - Speakers at a seminar on Tuesday stressed the need for start the process of change from ourselves, saying the society would automatically take to the right track if we adopt the right path.

The seminar was organised by the Department of Islamic Studies, Bahauddin Zakariya University, in collaboration with the Islamic Research Institute of International Islamic University, Islamabad under the banner of Paigham-e-Pakistan.

Speaking on the occasion, Punjab Minister for Power Dr Akhtar Malik said that Prime Minister Imran Khan initiated the process of change from his own house as he rejected facilities like luxurious palaces and hundreds of servants. "If the rulers are on the right path, the society starts moving in the right direction automatically," he added.

He was of the opinion that we needed to rectify people who were involved in financial misappropriation. He said that Islam is a complete code of life and we can make Pakistan a model society by acting upon Islamic injunctions.

Addressing the seminar, Prof Dr Muhammad Ziaul Haq, Director General, Islamic Research Centre, International Islamic University, said that the Holy Prophet (SAWW) did not conquer land but the hearts.

He asserted that we had to develop Pakistan and for the sake of this purpose we have to prepare ourselves. He declared that the foundation of new Pakistan would lay in universities. He said that Imran Khan was a ray of hope for entire nation and the nations having hopes could not be eliminated.

Chairman, Department of Islamic Studies, Dr Abdul Quddoos Sohaib said that Pakistani society needed reforms in light of teachings of the Holy Prophet (SAWW).

He pointed out that Allah Almighty blessed our country with all facilities and resources, adding that over 60 percent of country's population is young which is a great human resource for any society to make progress.

He regretted that attacks took place on masjids and Imambargahs ruined the society. He asserted that the reconstruction of society on the basis of teachings of the Holy Prophet (SAWW) is the only way to maintain peace and harmony in the society.

Dr Saeedur Rehman, Dr Ali Asghar Saleemi and Tahir Khakwani also spoke on the occasion while Dr Shafqat Ullah thanked the guests.