Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has said NAB should probe into the property of Aleema Khan sister of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

In an informal chat with media outside Accountability Court (AC) on Wednesday, he questioned with whose money this property has been purchased. Aleema Khan has no sources of income. How she purchased property worth billions of rupees. What is the money trail of Aleema Khan property? The nation wants to know this money had come from where and who had given this money.

Former PM raised the question how Aleema Khan accumulated property worth billions of rupees in Dubai. Is it not an NRO.

He further questioned Imran Khan assets have come from where. What is a story of Dubai home? This all should come before all.

He said he had never indulged in politics of abusing and allegations. But I am forced to question how Aleema Khan made the property of billions of rupees in Dubai.

He stated, “ I am in agony but I am giving a political statement after a long time without wanting to do so."

He said we can not even think about any NRO. Had we entered into any NRO we would have not returned from London to Pakistan.

He underlined Nawaz, Shahbaz and Maryam are in jails. I am in immense distress. Those who have served the country have been sent to jails. This reward is being given in return for service.

We fortified national economy and came into an emerging market. We manufactured JF-17 Thunder in collaboration with China, he remarked.

During our regime, flour, pulses, ghee, fertilizer and everything was cheaper and the farmer was prosperous, he said adding the present situation is before all of us.