With the recent happenings flooding our news feed we are driven into a state where the unnatural death of prominent stars not just leave us alarmed but make us wonder where we as a world are heading to. One after another, line by line we are hit by incidents that question our conscience and stir our assumptions as to why this trend is becoming so prevalent among masses, ones that we idealize and admire for their perfect, glossy lives.

Looking past the big picture, all those desires and aspirations we grow up with start to seem meaningless and fade away knowing perfection is just another delusion we blind ourselves with. We have escaped every bit of reality by injecting in ourselves the belief that happiness is proportionately related to money, fame, possessions and a career that would not let us ever be depressed, because we have it all. The void chasm that is fertilized in us ever since we are born makes the whole universe question why have we attributed the complexity of life to be a gateway towards happiness, hallucinating it to the extent of perceiving it as reality. The delusional power of the star world is a mirage that sparks from a distance but vanishes when you get to it. 

Our everyday struggle begins with evading our comfort in the search of money, trading away self-time with overtime, working relentlessly to welcome another headache, skipping away family moments to value the task elope and staying up nights to out win goals. Between all of this, we forget to know how unreceptive we are towards the happiness repeatedly knocking at us yet we dare to only dream of money and fame because it well suits our naïve quests.

Money is a great healer as it comforts our daily desires and endorses the notion of having achieved too much to be happy about. Fame is a toxic addiction once you become accustomed to it; you want more of it to live. Luxuries are visually soothing and physically comforting, yet there is no end to it. In an attempt to look out for the extraordinary, we often fail to cherish the ordinary and give up on normalcy just to sail through irregularities failing to understand that happiness is as simple as we never think of it.

Let us all un-tell ourselves, tell ourselves and then re-tell ourselves that the happiness we have been struggling for lies in the beauty of everyday relations, a fulfilled moment of joy, the replacement of sorrow with a smile, solitude with intimacy, celebration over of hopelessness and the gratitude of having lived another day. Because Kate Spade paved our way towards thinking differently and Anthony Bourdain ended it too soon, with an awakening that having too much doesn’t reflect you have everything.

Next time you rush towards tomorrow, direct yourself towards living today. Because the very happiness you are looking out for has already been gifted today.