Lahore (PR) - The Holy Quran provides guidance for the whole humanity, and urges them to follow the straight path, said speakers during meeting held under the auspices of All Pakistan WAPDA Hydro Electric Workers Union (CBA) here on Tuesday.

“It necessarily gives an account of the suffering of those discarded and draws a moral. It declared that Holy Prophet (PBUH) is the leader of the whole mankind. His life symbolises the best action for implementation of teachings of Holy Quran,” they said.

They added, “Holy Prophet (PBUH) teaches us to develop character, work for love and affection and strive for dignity of work.”

It was attended by the Trade union representatives and workers from Wapda and Lesco to pay tributes to Holy Prophet (PBUI-l) and pledged to the follow in his footsteps. Khurshid Ahmad General Secretary of the union urged the policy makers to take measure to implement the Teaching of Holy Prophet (PBUH) in the society by adoption simplicity in all walks of lives.