LAHORE - Punjab Governor Ch Muhammad Sarwar said on Wednesday that any sort of hurdle including bureaucratic would not be tolerated in the affairs of universities. Addressing the Universities Rectors Conference 2019 at Governor House, he said the government would ensure transparency and merit.

Punjab University (PU) Vice Chancellor Prof Niaz Ahmed, Superior University’s Rector Sameera Rehman, University of Health Sciences (UHS) Vice Chancellor Prof. Javed Akram, Lahore Garrison University (LGU) Vice Chancellor and VCs of other universities of Punjab were also present on the occasion.

The governor said that like other institutions, the PTI government had also purged the universities of political interference and all the decisions regarding universities were being made keeping in view the merit and transparency. The education sector was obliterated, whenever appointments on VCs and other key posts of universities were made on political basis that was in no way in the interest of the country and the nation, he cited.

Universities Rectors Conference at Governor House

Sarwar said industry and academia synergy was need of the hour, asserting that business centres would be also be established in universities to materialise the graduating students’ ideas into business opportunity.

He said plan to incorporate representative of chambers of commerce and industry in the syndicate of respective universities was also being considered. He said that universities would have to play their role in the knowledge economy and research work of the varsities would also have a positive impact on the country’s economy.

The Governor added that Girls Guide and Scouts would also be revived in the universities and Girls Guide would be imparted a six-month free nurses course and this course would be initiated

from Superior University. He vowed, “We have to empower women and youth in every field”.          

He said that Pakistan was advancing on economic front due to best economic policies of the government under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, and the government had narrowed down current account deficit unprecedentedly. The PTI government had launched ‘Kamyab Nowjawan Programme’ worth Rs 100 billion under which youth could receive loan from Rs 10,000 to Rs 5 million to get on their feet by started their own businesses, while 25 per cent quota has also been allocated in this porgramme for the women, he mentioned. “We have to empower and prosper our youth because it will ensure country’s progress and prosperity”, he opined.

The Governor said that Punjab Kashmir Committee had launched ‘Million Signature Campaign’ against Indian aggression in Occupied Kashmir and “we are going to take this campaign to all the universities of the province”. He asserted, “We all should take part in this campaign actively so that world community could be given a message that every Pakistan is supporting the Kashmiris’ struggle for freedom and raising voice against Indian atrocities”.