ISLAMABAD (Online)- The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has failed to execute Rs 47 billion Ghazi Brotha Pipeline Project to meet water requirements of the city and it is feared that the Capital would face severe water shortage in December next year, if the construction work was not started in the current fiscal year. According to sources, 125 million gallon water is required on daily basis for the Capital while Authority has the water quantity of 51 million gallons and facing 60 per cent water shortage daily and if the project was not started then only 20 million would be available for inhabitants at the end of 2009.   Sources further added that 30 per cent water out of 51 million gallons available water is being wasted due to leakage. They disclosed that a Japanese company JICA provided million of rupees to CDA for Ghazi Brotha Pipeline Project and other water projects but CDA spent it on unnecessary projects. They described that due to refusal from Sindh and NWFP for provision of water to Punjab and other political issues are causing obstacles in the completion of the project. CDA has formed a committee comprising  people from Sindh and NWFP living in Islamabad. The committee with the collaboration of Task Force would try to convince the officials of NWFP and Sindh regarding the provision of water. Government cars being used by officials' relatives Despite repeated directives issued by Punjab government and federal government, the misuse of official vehicles by family members of government employees continues in twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Official vehicles can be seen in every markets and recreational sites in twin cities, causing billion of loss to national exchequer. The relevant department of Punjab government and federal government received many complaints daily about misuse of official vehicles. Officials said that under the 1969 Provincial Staff Cars/Vehicles Ordinance and the Punjab Finance Rules, government employees were entitled official vehicles only for official use. However, family members as well as other relatives of some government employees had been using official vehicles for personal use. Officials said, however, that the rules did not mention any penalty in case of vehicles being misused. The vehicles can be seen in Aabpara market, Jinnah Super market, Super market, F-10 Markaz, Pir Sohawa, Daman-e-Koh, Zoo, Children park and others.