KARACHI - Several police officers have become careful after being dogged by the influential gamblers. Source relevant to the matter told that number of cases had been reported in which senior police officers had been punished and demoted when they took action against the influential gamblers. DSP Javaid Iqbal Bhatti had raided the City's biggest gambling den situated in Phase 2, DHA. Bhatti was the SPO at Clifton at that time; he could not arrest any of them because all of the gamblers had escaped from the scene before the arrival of police. Bhatti barged into the apartment and seized the gambling stuff like computers and telephone sets while the owner Ishtiaq who runs the gambling point in Clifton, registered an FIR against Bhatti and four ASIs and other police party. Bhatti was later transferred and suspended but his experience make him more conscious for the future. Another incident took place here in Clifton Town when SHO Defence police station raided at the gambling point of another renowned gambler, Hanif Suzuki, in Defence, Phase 2, and caught some 13 gamblers red-handed and registered FIR against the arrested men. They were later released and lodged another FIR against SHO Farooq Satti in which the gambler alleged that Satti had got Rs 2.8 million in bribe but did not released anyone. Satti along with his team was suspended and also demoted when Hanif seek the justice. A similar case had registered against Pir Shabbir Jan Sarhandi, former superintendent Central Jail Karachi, who suffer hard then anyone else and detained as a prisoner for couple of months in jail where he was working as an in-charge.  Sarhandi was allegedly get Rs 20 million from a prisoner Ijaz against the facilities in jail. Ijaz who had been arrested from the Quaid-e-Azam International Airport with some four kilogram Marijuana and some other narcotics who had later taken to the jail. Ijaz after being released from the jail, booked the jailer. A case had been registered against the jailer by the Anti-Corruption Department, thus the status of superintendent of the jail changed into the prisoner. A senior police official on condition of anonymity told The Nation that police had right to defend their departmental officials according to the law. He cited that the said police department had submitted the facts before the court in Bhatti's case, after that the case had been disposed of. To a question he said that law protects the right of every citizens included criminals and had capacity to facilitate people. He said that such kind of gamblers had strong roots in higher hierarchy and had number of legal experts who give them protection. These gamblers usually retaliate with the help of their legal advisors just to warn other police officers that they should avoid themselves in arresting the culprits. Another source privy to the matter told that the gambling dens in Clifton Town remained closed for the last four months just because of the confrontation between the police and gamblers. The gamblers are much influential and they run their businesses with the permission of law enforcement agencies, he said. "They also chose their favourite SHO for the deployment in most of the areas of the City where such dens are located." A gambler cannot go against the police officers in the court until police did any mistake or take bribe. The cases were registered against the police officers were not look false because most of the cases registered when police conducted raid to get the bribe or increase the amount of their 'monthly payments'.