KARACHI - Frustration, lack of basic facilities and injustice are among the major causes which compelled prisoners to protest in jails. The persistent volatile incidents took place in Karachi Central Jail, Landhi Prison, Hyderabad and Sukkur Prison during a short period of one month.     It may be noted that national press, social workers, NGOs and relatives of jail inmates often raised the issue that number of atrocities are being committed with the jail inmates. Neither any provincial government nor former chief minister Arbab Raheem and Qaim Ali Shah took any notice of the issue. The relatives of the prisoners and NGOs, working for the betterment of the prisoners, expressed concern over devastating situation of jails, and time and again intimate about the prevailing situation but their concerns were not addressed. The Volunteers, an organisation which is working for the betterment of the jail inmates, few months ago visited Karachi Central Prison and did tours of the barracks of women and other prisoners where it found many foreign women prisoners in drug related crimes. The representatives of The Volunteers, Irum Farooque and Sabina Bawany, after visiting and observing the jail condition gave proposals and suggestions, and then recommended to the authorities concerned, sources said. They sent a communiqu_ to Sindh chief minister, home minister and minister for human rights, and suggested various proposals to improve the condition of the prisoners and assured their cooperation in this regard. Addressing the health issues of prisoners, they said that screening of many communicable diseases, hepatitis, scabies and AIDS at the time of admission should be made and later, on regular basis.  Drug abusers and other diagnosed psychic and psychotic patients should be treated separately with regular care and delicacy which such diseases demand. The Volunteers also proposed that regular school should be updated and revamped with appointments of regular and volunteer teachers, and vocational training should be encouraged. Inmates should be trained in cooking, gardening, construction industry including electric wiring, garment industry can also be established by hiring proper professional trainers. Extracurricular activities to be encouraged including physical training should be made regular features of the juvenile jail reforms activity. They also suggested for the installation of surveillance cameras and utilisation of constant supervision of activities inside the jail. Irum told The Nation that her organisation was working for the betterment of the prisoners to make them good citizens who got any skill. She said her organisation would educate those juvenile prisoners who were completely illiterate and a three months crash programme would be started for them so that they can read and write in proper Urdu. "150 out of 235 prisoners are completed uneducated." She said that after the crash programme other basic education would be provided to them.