LAHORE - The Lahore High Court (LHC) has ruled that a provincial government has no power to interfere the financial matters of local governments because to have the budgetary powers reflect the very sovereignty of an institution. The entire scheme of the local government ordinance 2001 is also based on devolution of powers, including financial powers, from provincial govt to district govt. Justice Syed Shabbar Raza Rizvi made these observations while setting aside the order of secretary local government under which he had approved the budget of Chakwal district council contrary to what had been approved by the council itself. The court also directed the Punjab government to implement and process the budget approved by the council on June 30 for year 2008-09. The petitioner, Sardar Ghulam Abbas, Zila Nazim, through his counsel pleaded that council approved budget on June 30 that contained the list of expenditures and different development schemes. The same was sent to executive director finance and planning for preparation of schedule of authorised expenditures. But he prepared a different schedule and included the schemes which were not approved by the Zila council. He also excluded some schemes identified by the council. The petitioner said he directed DCO to submit schedule of expenditure but he instead of doing so referred the matter to secretary local government who issued a notification on July 31 approving an amended budget. The judge discarded the government's argument that since the petition failure to authenticate the schedule therefore it would be presumed that council never approved the budget. The judge says that since the government functionaries failed to prepare schedule then how could petitioner authenticate the same.