ISLAMABAD - The Upper House of the Parliament Monday unanimously passed resolution against violation of Pakistan's sovereignty by repeated attacks of US drones. The resolution was presented by Leader of the House in Senate, Senator Raza Rabbani. The resolution read that the Senate strongly condemned attacks of US drones inside Pakistani territory and gross violation of the country's sovereignty was unacceptable in any form. The resolution also urged the government to take effective measures for putting an end to the US attacks inside the country. While debating on the resolution, Senator Rabbani said that the Foreign Minister had assured him of summoning the US Ambassador to Foreign Office to lodge protest against the attacks. Senator Prof Khurshid Ahmad said that passing resolutions only was a useless practice and the country's sovereignty could only be safeguarded with strength. "Sovereignty could not be safeguarded through appeals, requests and verbal protests", he said. Senator Ishaq Dar said that the practice of passing resolution everyday was weakening the very credibility of the House. Dar was pointing to the US attack only a day after the unanimous resolution of the joint session of the parliament last week. He said that resolutions were useless unless they were  properly implemented. The Upper House also started debate over the address of  President Asif Ali Zardari to the joint session of the parliament on September 20. While initiating debate over the presidential address, Opposition Senator Nisar Memon said that the Opposition had made new political tradition of listening to the President with all the respect associated with that august chair. However, he said, President Zardari could not keep his words even after a lapse of more than a month. He said that workers and leaders of the Pakistan Muslim League-Q were being tortured in Sindh and Punjab Provinces against Zardari's statement of not believing in politics of vengeance. He said that the President had pledged of giving away his powers and had promised for constituting a parliamentary committee for the purpose, but no concrete step had been taken so far. Memon strongly criticized President Zardari for not including South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) in his speech and asked whether the organization was being abandoned due to possible inclusion of China in SAARC? Senator Haji Adeel said that Presidential address to the joint session is a symbol of  sovereignty of the parliament. He urged the government to bring its constitutional package into the parliament and legislate according to the spirit of 'Charter of Democracy'. He hailed President's pledge of paying Balochistan arrears under the head of Gas Royalty and urged him to settle the issues of net hydel profit with the NWFP. Haji Adeel said that the country needed a full-time Finance Minister, as an advisor was not sufficient to fulfil all the constitutional requirements. He said that National Finance Commission (NFC) could not be constituted without a Finance Minster. Senator Ishaq Dar focused on issues related to the economic situation of the country. He said that the country had faced similar crisis after the 1998's nuclear tests. However, he said, the crisis was solved through better management of revenue and expenditures. He wished the present democratic government had reinstated all the deposed judges to the Pre-November 3 position and had made history. He said that Musharraf had toppled Nawaz government to fulfil the Western agenda. He said that the present economic crisis began in 2004 because of the wrong policies of the previous government. He said the previous government couldn't pay oil import bills and passed on the burden  to the new government.