LAKKI MARWAT - Despite tall claims of government, several parts of the district especially urban localities and the District Headquarters Complex Tajazai accommodating government offices are hard hit by loadshedding for the last several weeks.

The hard hit localities included Lakki and Naurang cities, Tajazai town and other rural areas of the district.  The power breakdowns have badly impacted the routine work in government offices forcing the employees to sit idle the whole day. “Owing to loadshedding in the day, we cannot use computers and other electricity run equipment like printers etc in our offices to carry out routine office work,” said a government official wishing no to be named.  

He said that power outages had badly affected the service delivery system, earning a bad name to government departments and officials as well.

Another government employee said that increase in duration of electricity suspension was the main reason behind paralysing routine work and service delivery in government offices. He also said that poor performance of government workers was because of electricity outages.

He said that the loadshedding if continued would shatter people’s confidence in the government departments.

The residents also condemned the local PESCO authorities for carrying out unscheduled and unfair outages, alleging that some local employees of power supply company are involved in the ugly practice of shutting electricity supply at their own will. They said that power outages had made their lives miserable besides bring business activities to a standstill. They asked the federal government and chief executive PESCO to take notices of the situation and exempt urban localities and Tajazai District Headquarters Complex from loadshedding.