In 2004, Izzat Majeed founded Sachal Studios hoping to recreate a space for traditional music in a nation that had rejected its musical roots. After convincing a number of master musicians to pick up their instruments again, they quietly released some classical and folk albums. Since then, Sachal Studios, especially for their rendition of Dave Brubeck's Take Five, has managed to reach a worldwide audience and gathered appreciation from music critics and listeners.

Wynton Marsalis, musician and artistic director of Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City, invited Sachal Studios to perform a concert in collaboration with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra. Sharmeen Obaid follows the journey of Sachal Studios from gathering the courage and awareness of reinvigorating the art of folk music, to performing in New York City.

The documentary, Song of Lahore, also touches upon the socio-political situation in the Pakistani society. Musicians are making themselves heard by identifying how episodes of Islamization and terrorism have forced the nation to discard essential elements of the Pakistani culture. Music, which used to flow freely in a society that cherished the art which had been passed down over centuries, is now largely frowned upon. By providing a medium to musicians such as Sachal Studios, Sharmeen Obaid is not only bringing Pakistani culture to the international stage, but is also creating awareness regarding the loss of culture that haunts Pakistani society.

Song of Lahore, which has already been featured at numerous international film festivals, is set to release on Novermber 13.