Okara - A Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) central Punjab leader criticized JU-F protest rally and said that the protestors must turn their protest in favour of the Kashmiri brethren and farmers. “A few people, who had been raising their voices in favour of the Parliament’s sacredness are now using quite condemnable langue against national institutions,” said Qari Mazhar Sial Advocate vice president.  He said Maulan Fazlur Rahman had gone beyond his limits in using misnomers and abuses against all national institutions. They were unable to identify democracy and were going to stage sit-in, he said. Today the individuals responsible for the bloodshed of Model Town had been befallen by ever-increasing incurable diseases, he said. Their benefit-gaining politics had now come to an end, he said. He said Awami Tehreek had always stood with the country and the nation in all difficult times. He was talking to journalists. He said the Pakistan Awami Tehreek would fully participate in the Local Bodies elections.

 He said Fazlur Rahman had been working on anti Pakistan foreign agenda. His protest and sit-in had virtually no meaning, he said. He had target of personal benefit and make loss to the Kashmir Cause. He said the Kashmir cries had shattered the whole of India. But the anti Pakistan elements did not was Pakistan to raise voice of Kashmir.