BAJAUR AGENCY - Political Agent Bajaur Abdul Jabar Shah on Thursday said that peace is vital for the sustainable development of tribal areas and tribesmen should continue their supports with the administration for keeping peace and stability in the agency.

Addressing a seminar in connection with the World Peace Day organized by the Fata Secretariat Special Project here in Khar, the Political Agent said that peace is very important for human development and nothing possible with out peace in the Agency.

The day was observed to recognize efforts of those tribal people, who have worked hard in conflict to promote peace and stability in the region and to sensitize clans for ending mutual conflicts and hatred between them

On the occasion tribal elders, local politician, members of civil society, educationist, teachers, students and official of the local administration were present.

The Political Agent said that without sustainable peace, development is not attainable. Establishment of normalcy is key to over all economic growth.. Political Agent Abdul Jabbar Shah further said that those nations lay far behind in the race of development, who get engaged them in wars and conflicts.

He stressed upon the clans to contribute with government in ongoing efforts against wiping out terrorism so as coming generations could breath in a peaceful and brighter FATA.

He urged the tribesmen, political leaders and members of civil society for work for keeping peace in the agency. Keeping of peace in the region is the responsibility of all the citizen in the agency and administration could not achieved its goals with out the support of local,” he added.

The Political Agent asked the students to focus on their studies because education is the only way to curb the hardness and paved a way to normalcy.

The speakers including tribal elders, politicians and members of civil society also delivered their speaches to promote peace, tolerance and nonviolence in the society.  The students presented national anthems, songs and tableau regarding peace in the region. PA distributed prizes among the students.