“But in the end one needs more courage to live than to kill himself.”

–Albert Camus

Evelyn Mchale was an American bookkeeper born in Berkeley, California on September 20th 1923. Her parents divorced and the father Vincent was given custody of the children. Evelyn joined the Women’s Army Corps and was engaged to Barry Rhodes who was discharged from the USA Army Air Force.

Evelyn Mchale set out on the 3oth of April 1947 travelled to meet her fiancé Rhodes and the next day went to the Empire State building in New York. The bookkeeper jumped from the 86th floor observatory and committed suicide. The police later discovered a suicide note in the deceased’s pocket book and according to her wishes cremated her without any gravestone or memorial. However, Evelyn Mchale remains remembered to this day courtesy of a photograph captured by Robert Wiles minutes after she fell. The picture is a huge tragedy but Evelyn’s face remains as peaceful as ever, almost like she is daydreaming or under a blissful sleep. The photograph was later used as the cover of ‘Saccherine Trust’s’ album, ‘Surving you, always’ in 1984.

While the police were unable to find an authentic reason for the suicide this therefore remains a cause of depression. Clearly Evelyn Mchale was depressed and people suffering from this issue do approach suicide as the only medicine to their state, therefore we should remain vigilant around our loved ones and offer them an ear for their worries and to do the same with ourselves and express more.