ISLAMABAD    -   Pakistan Navy yesterday successfully conducted live missile firings from surface and air platforms during exercise in order to review its operational preparedness and consolidate fleet fire power.

The Pakistan Navy is conducting Operational Exercise RIBAT-2019 affirming the impressive war fighting capabilities of Pakistan Navy. The exercises are aimed at consolidating the Fleet Fire Power as well as validating various operational concepts and tactical war fighting procedures including joint operations involving all Pakistan Navy’s Field Commands as well as Pakistan Air Force.

During the Exercise RIBAT, Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Air Force units are participating in maritime operations in various domains under complex grey hybrid warfare environment.

Concurrently, Pakistan Marines and Special Operation Forces (SOFs) are also rehearsing special operations including Coastal Defence, Air Defence and Maritime Interdiction Operations etc.

The exercise displays Pakistan Navy’s intent to maintain highest state of readiness and combat potential to ensure seaward defence and protection of maritime interests of Pakistan during peace and war, according to a press release issued by the Pakistan Navy in Islamabad on Friday.

Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi witnessed the missiles firings and expressed his utmost satisfaction on the operational readiness of Pakistan Navy.

He also reaffirmed the resolve that Pakistan Navy is ready to defend its sea frontiers and would give a befitting response to any misadventure by the adversary.