ISLAMABAD-Peaceful rallies were staged by officers of police department and members of civil society including Anjuman Sheheryan-e-Rawalpindi in different parts of city on Friday to express solidarity with Kashmiris.

The main rally was held on Bank Road in Saddar under the leadership of City Police Officer (CPO) Faisal Rana.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Operations Syed Ali Akbar, Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Muhammad Bin Ashraf, SP Potohar Division Syed Ali, SP Rawal Division Asif Masood, Chairman Anjuman-e-Sheheryan-Rawalpindi (Registered) Zahid Bakhtawari, President Young Journalists Association Yousaf Khan and scores of other people attended the rallies to express solidarity with Kashmiris and condemn the Indian brutalities in Occupied Kashmir.

According to details, a rally was organised by Rawalpindi police along with members of civil society in Saddar. The rally started from Metro Stop and culminated at Food Street.

The participants of rally were holding placards and banners mentioning slogans in favour of Kashmiris.

They chanted slogans against the Modi’s government for atrocities against the helpless Muslims of Kashmir. Speaking on the occasion, CPO Faisal Rana said that all jawans of Police including him were ready to sacrifice their lives for liberating Kashmir from clutches of India. He said Indian forces are killing innocent Kashmiris round the clock.

The CPO along the participants of the rally also chanted slogan, “Kashmir will become Pakistan soon.” He said Kashmir is jugular vein of Pakistan and every cop is with Kashmiri people. He said Indian security forces have broken all the records of barbarianism in Kashmir and the world must come forward to stop genocide of helpless Kashmiris. Other police officers also addressed on the occasion and condemned Indian forces’ brutality in Occupied Kashmir.

Leading a rally to express solidarity with the Kashmiri brethren against the recent annexation of Jammu and Kashmir by the fascist Indian government, Chairman Anjuman-e-Sheheryan-e-Rawalpindi Chairman Zafar Bakhtawari stated that the people of the province would fight alongside the armed forces and march on the Indian capital whenever the state demanded it.

He said that as per the directive of the prime minister, similar rallies would be held every Friday to wake up the United Nations to honour its resolutions on the Jammu and Kashmir issue.

“Now is the time for United Nations to implement its resolutions on the occupied Jammu and Kashmir,” Bakhtawari said. He appealed to the United Nations, the international community and human rights organisations to take notice of the brutalities and massacre being carried out by the Indian government against innocent Kashmiris.

He stated that India is being run by a savage and fascist regime, which in the past, was responsible for the genocide of Muslims in India and was currently repeating history by carrying out the annihilation of the Muslims in the occupied Kashmir.

He univocally stated that ethnic cleansing of the Muslims in occupied Kashmir would not go unnoticed and have repercussions which would not only affect Pakistan and India but also influence the entire region.

He also vehemently denounced the two-month long curfew and suppression of Indian military in Kashmir. He said all the hospitals, schools, markets and other departments have closed and the injured Kashmiris are suffering a lot. “The IHK has disconnected from the other parts of world,” he said. He said the curfew should be lifted immediately. “The only crime of Kashmiris is that they are Muslim and demanding liberty. UN and other countries must stand up for them if they have some other religion,” he said.

He said the whole nation is standing with Kashmiris and would not leave them alone in this hard time. He hailed the role of PM Pakistan Imran Khan and Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa for backing and supporting Kashmir issue. He said PM highlighted Kashmir issue daringly in UN General Assembly session.