The rising number of quacks is going unnoticed in Islamabad especially in rural and slum areas and playing havoc with the health of gullible people while city administration and cash-tattered Capital Development Authority (CDA) is not bothering to heed to issue.

Around 100 fake dentists were running their business unchecked. Their number in the suburbia could be much high.

Such people could be seen sitting in small kiosks along with their 'equipment' at, Bhara Kahu, Peshawar Road, Iqbal Town and most of the rural areas in Islamabad. Among these quacks the number of fake dentists and Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) 'specialists' is high.

It was turned out that these dentists for filling of teeth that is harmful to public health use usually unsterilised surgical instruments. That could lead to harmful diseases like cancer or other epidemic diseases such as hepatitis, AIDS etc.

These dentists are working in very poor and unhygienic conditions, as they sit on footpaths, without proper medical dressing treat patients without surgical gloves.

BEDS, MEDICINES SHORTAGE IRKS PATIENTS AT PUBLIC HOSPITALS:  The shortage of beds, medicines and ill attitude of doctors and staff at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) and Polyclinic hospital are creating problems for patients at Outdoor Patient Department (OPD) and emergency ward.

The patients, at PIMS said that despite of the fact that large expansion had been made in the hospital to meet the growing needs since 1985 but still patients were facing problems.

Patients at Polyclinic narrated the same agonising story that there was no bed available for them and they had given new date for hospitalisation every time they turned up to the hospital.

A large number of patients, at emergency ward of the PIMS, had to sleep on the floor, attendants of the patients said, adding, medicines and beds were unavailable in the ward.

They said the patients were advised to either be admitted to the private wards or wait for their turn to get a bed. Serious patients were discharged because of unavailability of beds, they added.