LAHORE - Children suffering from Diarrhea are consuming anti-allergies instead, thanks to a multinational company which switched labels of the drugs by mistake, market sources claimed.

Flagyl suspension (meteronidazole) which was supplied to markets at the end of last year actually contained Syrup Phenergan (promethazine), a compound prescribed for allergy.

A multinational company mistakenly pasted label of Flagyl Suspension on the bottle of Phenergan Syrup and supplied it in the market.

Flagyl suspension, available in 100 ml bottle, is for children suffering from Diarrhea while Phenergan, 120 ml bottle, is a strong anti allergy compound that causes deep sleep. Flagyl is given thrice while doctors prescribe only one dose of Phenergan in a day.

After parents complaint to Sanofi Aventis at its Europe office, in February the Company asked its men in Pakistan to take immediate measures for safety of health of children.

The Company washed its hands from the responsibility by merely giving an advertisement to collect suspected batch of Flagyl Suspension. Market sources claim that the wrongly labeled drugs were still in the market and are suspected to be stocked. The company has also started an illegal advertisement of the same product without getting prior approval from the Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan (DRAP).

“One cannot understand that how labels of Flagyl 100 ml bottle were pasted on bottle of 120 ml (Phenergan),” said President Pakistan Young Pharmacists Association Dr Nabeela Latif. She said that the matter has been brought into the notice of Prime Minister, Chief Justice of Pakistan, Health Minister and all Chief Ministers for appropriate action against the company and the mafia sitting in the DRAP.

“A child requiring meteronidazole but treated with promethazine can prove hazardous. The company gave ad in newspapers to recall a certain batch number. Public at large is not aware of batch numbers and it is not necessary that everyone reads the ad. So the company should have lifted entire stock of Phenergan and Flagyl from the market and supplied fresh without any delay. More over company started Flagyl’s promotional advertisement on Radio without prior approval and DRAP was still sleeping”, Dr Nabeela Latif stated in letters addressed to CJP, PM, Health Minister and CMs.

The CEO of DRAP was contacted multiple time in this regard but could not be reached.