Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan Sunday announced an 11-point agenda ahead of a general election due in summer.

While addressing his party's power show at Minar-e-Pakistan, Imran said, "I will make a Pakistan equal for all, will rid Pakistan of powerful mafia that controls everything." 

Addressing the jalsa, the PTI chief thanked the participants for turning out in large numbers to witness the historic gathering. "Whenever I gave a call to you, you never disappointed me," said Imran.

Speaking about the 11-point agenda to make 'naya' (new) Pakistan, Imran said, "Now I will talk about my 11-point agenda today but before that I ask you, what do you ask from God in prayers? you ask from Him to show you the righteous path."

"These 11 points will help bring one system of justice, reduce poverty and elevate the living standards of the poor," Imran said.

Imran lashed out at the present government, the PTI chief said, "No country can ever flourish without emphasizing on the education, all the Asian tigers educated their children, the men and the women.

"Countries don't flourish and go up because of the roads and bridges but when you spend on the human development.

"PTI will invest maximum on the development of the people, on one education system in Pakistan."

Talking about reformation of health system, Khan said, "We'll reform the health system of Pakistan. When i can make SKMCH without govt, such hospitals in Pakistan where the poor wouldn't have to worry about money and rich wouldn't need to go abroad for treatment."

"We don't have money to run countries, we're under heavy debts. I claim in front of you today that i will show you how to gather money from this nation, said Imran.

Imran resolved to revolutionize tax collection system in the country. "Wherever Pakistan has reached today it is because of corruption, we'll strength NAB while sharifs weaken it, we'll strengthen FBR.

"Investment, exports are decreasing, investment going down, we'll reduce tax on electricity and gas for our industries so that they could compete with Indian market.

Imran termed the overseas Pakistanis as the biggest investing potentials for the country and resolved to bring investments into Pakistan.

Promising the youth much better employment opportunities, he said, "We'll create job opportunities and reduce unemployment.

"We'll make 50 lac homes for the poor so that the poor will be able to have their own house, improve technical education like we are doing in Hari pur."

Imran said he would improve agriculture and the lives of farmers on an emergency basis. "We'll improve agriculture and improve the lives of a farmer on emergency basis, he works for the whole year and get nothing in the end. They are being exploited by the sugar mill mafia."

The PTI chief vowed to strengthen the federation. "We'll strengthen our federation, we know how the injustice is being done to smaller provinces, i know more about KP."

Imran said, "Environment is our priority. For the first time ever KP govt has paid special attention to environment, we'll plant 10 billion trees across Pakistan. We can even clean the rivers, he added.

He further stressed the importance of justice, the police system. "Our KP police is totally depoliticized. There's no victimization via FIRs, there not a single extra judicial killing in KP while in Sindh Rao Anwar killed 400 people."

Imran promised the women of Pakistan to educate them, "Lastly I promise the women of Pakistan. We'll educate the women. Whatever i am today, it's all because of my mother who made me a patriotic person and raised me to be a truthful person."

According to sources, with the union of 36 containers, a stage 120ft long and 60ft wide was been made to accommodate the VIPs.

Despite not getting NOC from the government, robust security arrangements were made which include walkthrough gates on all the entrances, thorough frisking and foolproof security cameras.

A total of 2,000 security personnel were deployed in and around the venue which include the anti-riot force also.

Yesterday, Imran Khan visited Minar-e-Pakistan to review arrangements for today’s rally. Upon arrival, he was given a warm welcome by the party leaders and workers.