Pervez Musharraf tendered his resignation to the Speaker of the National Assembly on August 18, 2008, which was immediately accepted. Thereafter, he was presented a guard of honour as a farewell gesture, but has he really left the Army House (later re-named as President's Camp Office)? There was no justification to present him a guard of honour after such dishonorable acts as usurpation of the Constitutional office of President, subversion of the Constitution on two occasions, failure to implement his so-called seven point agenda, or to develop any positive energy, water, agriculture, commerce, health, education or environment strategies; illegal removal and arrest of dozens of judges of the Superior Courts along with their families; illegal amendments in the Constitution; murder of thousands of citizens under the tutelage of the US in its so-called War On Terror and arrest of thousands of lawyers, journalists and members of civil society during the Martial Law imposed by him on November 3, 2007; the hasty removal of all evidence regarding Benazir Bhutto's assassination; the promulgation of the abominable and ignominious National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) .... The list of his misdeeds could go on ad infinitum and ad nauseam without serving any constructive purpose. Ten days after his departure, he appears to be very much on the scene. There is no change in the policies or non-policies of Musharraf's era. Mr. Zardari is all set to step into Musharraf's shoes with the blessings of the same powers who supported Musharraf and who according to Mr. Zardari's imputations, would not allow Musharraf's impeachment, and at whose behest Zardari contrived Musharraf's resignation and inhibited his trial for treason under Article 6 of the Constitution. The same powers apparently impeded the restoration of the pre November 2 judiciary in a lawful, dignified and appropriate manner which led to the breakup of the coalition between the Pakistan People's Party and the PML (N). Mr. Zardari is now busy in condoning the acts admitted to be illegal by Musharraf himself by restoring the Judges in a piecemeal fashion and by insisting that they be administered an oath to be restored. He effectively subordinates the judiciary to the whims of the executive, renders citizens vulnerable to the tyranny of the majority and places the entire nation at the mercy of arbitrary exercise of executive power. The manner in which Mr. Zardari has reneged on his solemn written and verbal agreements and promises regarding the restoration of the judiciary smacks of mala fide. The Quran enjoins Muslims to fulfill their promises (Surah V:1) A person who does not possess this attribute is disqualified from being a candidate for the office of President under Article 62 & 63 of the Constitution of Pakistan. But who cares about the Constitution? Just as Zardari facilitated Pervez Musharraf's apparent exit from office, Musharraf facilitated Zardari's entry into the same office with the support of the same powers that brokered the unholy alliance between Musharraf and the PPP, master-minded the NRO and the deposition of the Judges through the Martial Law of November 3, 2007, and managed to get the proceedings pending in the Swiss Courts withdrawn regarding allegations of kick-backs other charges against Zardari. Thereafter, the frozen US Dollars 60 million have been released by the Court. Many believe that Zardari had pleaded dementia and other mental and physical ailments in the British Courts duly certified by competent medical practitioners in order to avoid liability in certain cases. Interestingly, his counsel, Dr. Babar Awan (a medical practitioner?) has now declared him to be of sound mind and body How Dr. Awan overcomes his leader's dubious connections with Zalmay Khalilzad, which were seriously objected to by the Americans, would be interesting to watch. The same powers are conveniently arranging lucrative packages for Musharraf to earn handsome amounts in order to continue the life style of the rich and (in)famous. The people of Pakistan are entitled to know how Musharraf purchased, in the pay of a General, a large estate in Chak Shahzad and reportedly, a palace in Turkey and properties in the United States of America. They are also entitled to know how previous holders of high offices came to possess large properties in London, New York, Dubai, Karachi, Islamabad and various other locations without any ostensible sources to purchase the same. The citizens of Pakistan are starving while the high and mighty are maintaining the life styles of Caesars. Anyone aspiring to or retiring from the office of President must declare his entire movable and immovable assets in writing to the Election Commission and through the media to the nation. In a nutshell the more things change the more they remain the same. I pray to Almighty Allah to grant wisdom and sagacity to the electoral college for President's election (including the entire PPP parliamentary party membership) to rise above party politics and elect a neutral person, who is perceived to possess moral and material integrity, who represents the unity of the federation and who can protect our country from further disintegration and disorder. May Allah grant us citizens the strength to surmount the vast problems and challenges confronting us at this critical juncture of our national existence.