LAHORE - Pakistan national 100 and 200 metres champion Sadaf Saddique said Friday that she was selected by the International Athletics Federation for a scholarship in Malaysia on merit. Talking to journalists here on Friday, she said that the IAF scholarship has not concluded as yet and she came to Pakistan on holidays as competition began there and she will rejoin the activity in its second phase. She further informed that she joined the camp in Kuala Lumpur late due to her participation in the national events. She said that there was no other athlete who could meet the standards set by the IAF and she was the only one selected for the scholarship. "Currently there was no activity in Malaysian competitions and in the free time I preferred to come to Pakistan instead of spending time there," she added. "I have always preferred Pakistan and I am one of the few Pakistani athletes who have participated in Olympics." She further said that she is continuing her training even during her stay here and is preparing for the international events in Islamabad. She also vowed to do her best to bring medals in the Islamic Solidarity Games and South Asian Games and the National Games.