LAHORE - Heading a three-member Bench of the Supreme Court, Justice Khalilur Rehman Ramday Friday said the restaurants and hotels are doing mass killing by selling substandard foods prepared in highly unhygienic and unwholesome conditions of their kitchens. The Judge said an individual is done to death in police encounter but these restaurants and hotels serving unhealthy food to the people are prone to mass murdering which is a very serious matter inviting attention of all concerned including the Chief Minister Punjab. The Bench also comprising Justice Ch Ijaz Ahmad and Justice Sair Ali proceedings with a human rights case originated from a documentary broadcast by a private TV, found inadequacy of procedure and law to prosecute owners of the restaurants and hotels, mostly well known, and selling foods of highly poor quality that is cooked in very squalid conditions of the kitchen as it was evident from the TV report. The court also noted the fact with alarm that no consistent and regular visit and inspection is maintained either by the Food Department of the Local Government or the Punjab Tourism Department and mostly Inspectors stay in 'cool offices to let the owners play with life of the citizens. Addressing the present Health Secretary, Mr Anwaar, Representative of the Law Department, Additional Advocate General Muhammad Hanif Khatana, District Officer (Food), Chief Inspector Food, Prosecutor General Zahid Hussain Bokhari, Deputy Attorney General Naseem Kashmiri, Legal Adviser Local Government Mian Iftikhar, Deputy Controller Tourism Muhammad Naseem and others asked them to lay their head together to know where the deficiency lies about proper prosecution of such hotels and restaurants. The Court also asked for bringing the matter into the notice of the Chief Minister so that needful is done to remove the flaws to prosecute them and law is framed if the deficiency lies there. If the prosecutors are required, the said departments must also decide who has to do that and who has to initiate the prosecution, it added. The Court minded the fact that owners of these hotels and restaurants after paying a petty sum of fine, return to the same practice to providing bad food to the citizens. Justice Sair Ali said that the Court wants to channelise the area to proceed against such food sellers to plug the loopholes whereof they find an escape. The court strictly asked the inspectors at all level not sit in their offices and perform their field duty to check the quality of food in the market and conditions wherein they are prepared. The inspectors have been asked to provide daily report on the action they take and that they must pursue the challan before the Court of magistrate after submitting them against the owners. And the DCO would pass specific instructions to them in this behalf. The Court has asked the officers to come up with a concrete reports on the next date of hearing that is September 10, when the Secretary Tourism and the Controller would also be present to respond how many hotels and restaurant under their purview are registered against the total number and what action has been taken against how many of them over the last one month. The Court also called for producing the letters on the next date which the Tourism officer said, were written to IG to seek police assistance to do the needful. Through the Secretary Health the court also learned about the contamination and adulteration of other eatables. He specifically mentioned about of the edible oil a huge quantity of which remains unaccounted for being brought in through other means and he mentioned about the presence of soup, toxic material and even arsenic which it grows on repeated boiling carried out at the shops in the market. The court asked him to do what is possible on his end to counter the situation. In order to bring in 'transparency in preparation of the food, Justice Ramday wanted suggestion from the officers for framing a devise whereof the customers can themselves know what food is being served to them and what conditions are of the kitchen where it is cooked and on sealing the kitchen where cooking conditions are not up to mark. The Court has also asked the government to appoint technical and qualified persons as Food Inspectors instead of the existing 'matriculate stuff in order to ensure a proper watch and check on the quality of foods.