Cheshire: A concerned father has told how his daughter’s iPad charger exploded in his hand giving him a massive electric shock which he believes ‘would have killed her’.

Tim Gillooley, 34, said he was thrown across the room and left with blackened fingers when he reached down to unplug the device at his mother’s house in Widnes, Cheshire.

And he believes his eight-year-old daughter Chloe would most likely have been killed had it been her, instead of him, who had touched the device.

According to Mr Gillooley Chloe asked him to unplug the charger on his way back from the bathroom on Saturday last weekend. He told the Daily Mirror: ‘There was a huge bang and it blew me across the room. I was in shock.

‘I was hysterically laughing for about two minutes. It was a bad shock that went down my arm. My mum was panicking and Chloe burst into tears.–DM