People in a large number took to the streets here as protest against prolonged power loadshedding.

The activists, supporter’s of Pakistan tehrik-e-Insaf, Jamaat-e-Islami, Tahrek Tahfuze Pakistan , Pakistan People’s Party, Suni Tehrek, PML-Q and various social organisations took part in the protest.

Protesters burnt tyers and staged noisy demonstration at several places to condemn the power utilities for resorting to excessive loadshedding. Angry protesters recalled that the government had announced considerable respite from outages by minimising the loadshedding hours. Addressing the protesters, speakers said that Lesco was carrying out loadshedding up to 16 hours a day which compelled the citizen to take to the streets. They said that in addition to heavy loadshedding, local fault and disruption of power transmission further aggravated the situation.

It was astonishing to note, they added, the local officials add hundreds of units every month more than metre readings and inflated bills are sent to consumers, although the power supply to consumers in the tehsil had been reduced over 60 percent.

They protesters were caring banners and placards inscribed with demands of minimizing the loadshedding. They raised slogans against Lesco and Wapda and urged their high ups to take an action against the local officials responsible for this situation. They warned that the protest would be intensified if the loadshedding was not reduced to a bearable level.

In Kot Radha Kishan, power outages in stiffing muggy weather paralysed life here. Fifteen-hour load-shedding in city areas and 18 hours in villages badly affected school-children as more than 50 children fainted in different schools and were taken to hospitals.

On the other hand, daily wagers and power loom workers are facing financial crisis due to outages. Different labour organisations including powerloom worker associations wrote a letter to Punjab Chief Minister, asking him not to repeat policies of the previous government.