KARACHI  - MQM chief Altaf Hussain has said that his party would support unbiased operation to end unrest in the city.

In his telephonic address to a simultaneous meeting of MQM’s coordination committee in London and Karachi, Altaf said that an honest approach should be adopted to launch the operation to provide protection and peace to traders and other citizens.

He said that the operation should not be like that of 1992 in which it was announced that 72 big criminals would be held but the operation was diverted to the MQM and a certain segment of the populace. He warned if this time the 92-like operation was repeated it would be a bad joke and peace could not be restored in Karachi.   He said that any fake operation would not clean the city of criminal element and the interior minister would not succeed despite sincere efforts. Altaf demanded that the interior minister should probe the Safari Park incident. The MQM chief said he would personally congratulate the government if the interior minister succeeded in exposing the terrorists who killed and injured police officers in Safari Park.