Pakistan has massive potential for generation of renewable energy and alternative resources can be helpful to overcome the energy crisis in the country, said Mr Neil Wagon Jhones, director of Sales Reality Renewables.

He was giving a briefing on ‘Pakistan & Renewables’ at Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He said that Pakistan possesses massive potential for renewable energy generation and the whole country is in sunshine belt and offers some of the highest yields in the world. With its low maintenance requirement, solar energy can be greatly helpful for consistent supply to the businesses and keep the industrial production operational.

He said that market forces in recent years have massively reduced the capital cost for producing solar energy and funders world-wide offer many solutions for installation of solar power. He said that as usage levels for solar are fairly equal to seasonal /sunshine hours, it has good match between demand and supply. In areas where loadshedding is impacting local business, solar power can be helpful for consistent supply to production process. He said that it costs $ 2.5 per watt fully installed and generation cost is also very low.

He said that there is urgent need that the renewable resources in Pakistan be tapped fully to channelize the potential to overcome the energy demand and supply gap.

President of Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mian Zahid Aslam, on the occasion urged the government for launching of projects of alternative energy resources more vigorously to overcome the growing demand and supply gap for electricity. He said that Pakistan is blessed with rich natural resources and there is dire need to tap these for economic and industrial growth in the country.  He said that havoc from flood and rain water cause disastrous to people and economy to billions of rupees every year where as the precious resource of water can be used for economic benefit and irrigation by construction of multi-purpose dams.

He also urged that electricity generation from other renewables as of wind, coal, solar and fossil be made available. Ch Muhammad Boota Vice President FCCI, Rehan Ashfaq Sheikh, Rehan Nasim Bharara and others share their views on the occasion.