As a resident of Karachi, I face many problems but the most terrible is the lack of water. According to reports, KWSB blames KE for its cessation of water supply, and the reason given is the repeated power breakdowns. On the other hand, KE is of the opinion that the Water Board does not rectify their pumping machinery or equipment which affects the water supply. If this was not enough, many illegal water hydrants have taken a toll on the citizens of Karachi, by raising prices to exorbitant levels. It has been observed that illegal hydrants come into effect only when the Water Board fails to provide water to the city.

However, this war between the two utility companies is creating confusion among the consumers, and irrespective of who is right or wrong, their only concern is to have uninterrupted supply of water and electricity, so that they can have comfortable lives. KE should not have prolonged load-shedding where there are pumping stations. Whereas, I fail to understand how loadshedding for a short duration at pumping stations results in losing gallons of water that leads to water scarcity. Is there no back-up plan designed by the Water Board to restore the pumping services in case of any mishap? I would like to request both organisations to stop their blame game and sort out their problems swiftly, as the residents are bearing the brunt of this conflict.


Karachi, August 18.