Muzaffargarh Electric and Power Company (MEPCO) has set out on a mission to punish the locals for consuming electricity, and they are worse to the people who do not even consume electricity. This open public hostility program is unique, and has been thought out by a Machiavellian mind. If the meter does not show the same amount of electricity consumed as it did last year, the person is sent an inflated bill! Further enhancing the problem, the meter inspectors declare all those meters defective. During Ramzan, several families went for Umrah and informed the concerned SDO in advance that their houses would be vacant for about six weeks and thus their meters would not show any consumption, but upon their return they found bills showing readings of hundreds of units, amounting to thousands of Rupees (in some cases Rs. 15000 per month). They were told to pay or their meters would be cut, putting them through further hassle and monetary loss.

One fails to understand why the electricity department is bent on punishing the innocent public, when they have failed miserably to get their payments from government offices and big businessmen. In civilised countries there are laws to prevent cruelty to animals, but in our country none exist even for humans. The Ministers for Water and Power are requested to do justice and order MEPCO to reverse this injustice and remove such malignant officers who are only appointed to harass the citizens.


Muzaffargarh, August 26.