The new Centralised Admission Policy (CAP) for colleges is causing a great inconvenience for the students as well as their parents in getting admission. As per policy, the admission form has to be submitted in a Sindh Bank branch, which is a cause of worry and frustration because they have only 54 branches which are located around Karachi. Massive irregularities have been reported in the CAP committee. The admissions begun 22 days ago and have received only 44 thousand forms by the bank because of unavailability of Sindh Bank in many areas. My nephew is also a victim of this complicated policy.

Previously CAP was handled by Meezan bank, which has around a hundred branches in the city, with no complaints when they were in charge. It is requested that the Sindh Education Minister and chairman of the CAP committee address the issues forthwith in the interest of the students, and nominate a bank which has enough branches to facilitate all citizens.


Karachi, August 23.