islamabad - A land demarcation report submitted by the Survey of Pakistan in apex court on Tuesday has revealed that 49.475 acres of extra land other than the originally allotted 145 acres, is in possession of Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) and Guns and Country Club.

 A process to physically demarcate the boundaries of both organisations was started in the first week of August 2018 by Survey of Pakistan on the directions of Supreme Court while the representatives of PSB and Guns and Country Club were also involved in said exercise to end a land dispute.    

 In its report submitted before the top court, the Survey of Pakistan has declared that these organisations are holding the possession of 194.475 acres of land at present which includes 129.780 acres by Pakistan Sports Board, 32.260 by Guns and Country Club, 03.518 acres by Marquee, 26.619 acres of Amir Khan Boxing Hall, Hockey Ground with surrounding area and 02.298 acres of residential colony.

The report explained further that there was a difference of opinion between the representatives of Capital Development Authority and Pakistan Sports Board over the start and end points of the right of way (ROW) of Kashmir highway and Garden Avenue, which are touching the area under consideration.

According to Capital Development Authority officials, the ROW for Kashmir highway is 700 feet from plot line of Aabpara in this stretch while PSB’s representatives were of the view that it is 812 feet from the centre of green belt of the highway.

On the other side, the CDA officials indicated that the ROW of Garden Avenue is 150 feet wide on the south from existing boundary line of PSB however the other party disagreed and considered it as 300 feet wide.

However the report explained further that if the stance taken by PSB is correct, even then there remains 23.59 acres of extra land than the original allotted piece of land. According to stance taken by the PSB’s representative there are 23.59 acres of extra land in possession after deducting 37.23 acres of ROW from the total area measuring 168.59.

 In 1975, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) had leased 145 acres of land to the PSB for a period of 33 years. The PSB was liable to pay the CDA an annual ground rent of Rs72000 for use of this land.

However, it was repeatedly claimed by Capital Development Authority on several forums that the area captured by these recreational facilities are more than the actual land allotted to them and now the same has become validated with the report of the Survey of Pakistan.

Capital Development Authority officials informed this scribe that according to law, possession of the extra land must be handed back to the CDA along with all the facilities, which have been built over it.

When contacted, the spokesperson PSB Azam Dar told The Nation that he did not receive a certified copy of the report so far and he would be in better position to respond once the report and a court decision in this regard are in hand.